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Right now I have kind of a complicated stereo buss path and I am mixing through it. I change this up sometimes so just to keep things interesting or to get a particular over all feel.Right now I usually start with this and use more of one or another depending on the song
Shadow Hills compressor
SSL G buss
K stereo
Maag EQ
Precision Multiband
ATR 102
Varible Mu
Curve Bender
These are all UAD plug-ins
For Vocals I usually use a combo of a silver face 1176 and silver LA2A
Electric guitars I use the SSL G a lot
Acoustic guitars I like the silver 1176
My drum buss is kind of crazy with 3 different parallel compression buss's and distortion FX and I am using a few different drum compressors on the individual drums.And sometimes I don't use any at all. I guess it depends on what I am going for on any particular song
Hi Mark, I favor many of the exact same tools and methods...just without all your pesky experience and talent! About that drum setup - are you generally establishing the parallel bus sounds first, or the individual kit sounds? Thanks!