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Track vs. Buss Processing

I lean more to individual processing rather than group bussing.I rarely buss tracks to a sub group and try to have my FX change from section to section(i.e. different fx on a vocal from verse to pre to chorus) and the EQ ,compression and saturation as well.I didn't use sub groups when I was analogue either and I use them less now as it is so much easier to have independent FX for anything I want with out running our of faders or patch cables. I actually had a studio owner come in once when I was mixing analogue and tell me I was using to many patch cords and I had to take some out and give them back to the other rooms!After that I just brought my own patch bays and cables.I cut up tracks a lot between verse's and chorus's so I can have more dramatic changes between sections. When I mixed before there was automation I would stop the 2 track at the chorus, readjust all of the levels and sounds for that section, and then splice it , or mix the verses , chorus's and bridge separate and just edit it together.