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We spent a lot of time on the drum and bass tracks on those records and I think that having that solid foundation makes the rest of the process easier. When I first started working with Chris I don't think anyone in the band was a fan of the big reverb's. That sort of grew organically as we started working on the early songs. I had two big live chambers I used on the first records but by Wicked Game the "signature " reverb was a 480L snare plate reverb with some tweaks( longer decay , more top and some delays)The guitar sound on a song like Wicked Game was a SM 57 on a 64 Delux to that same plate but also riding a delay through a TC 2290 feeding an Eventide 3000 Big Chorus setting and back to the plate and then riding that send so the guitar FX would swell from mono to stereo.There was enough space in the production to really be able to hear all of those cool reverb trails on the vocals and guitars.I also used a Publison sound hoarder program to get some of those long vocal notes going off into reverb.