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Thanks for the appreciation on my music and essential question...

Instantly the Oberheim Xpander and its big brother the Matrix 12 are the Favorites.
The main points of what make a synth become a life time instrument for me is - #1 – the sound - emotional and warm, then the interface and how it invites work flow for creating sounds and intuitive interaction.
The build quality and feel of the keyboard if it has one.
These instruments were ahead of their time, the CV and Midi options are for right now as well, amazing for an instrument designed in 1983.
These are my original instruments I bought direct from Oberheim, the history I have with them adds to the connection.
The Xpander has been all over the world with me, Mexico, Europe, Canada the Canary Islands.
The Matrix 12 has almost never left the studio, only once for a concert in Tucson in 2005 and then last year It had to have a complete overhaul in LA, the power supply was failing and some other issues. It has a clean bill of heath now and sounds better than ever. I have a lot of people asking –what about the new OB6? Since my ears are so entrained to the original I have to say there can be only one, and it is the original Oberheims. I am sure though for newbies to the OB sound they will find the points I mentioned to be on the mark for the OB6, emotional sound , inviting interface and build quality.