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disclaimer: my postings are not intended in any way to discourage the use of pro tools or any digital device for that matter. i'm just saying...

hello again,

i'm talking about pro tools HD (HD for: Heavy Downtime or Huge Dissapointment)heh
i don't know about other DAW's because pro tools has the market cornered in the "pro" world as well. and digidesign doesn't always make it easy to be compatible with other formats. so studios only invest in HD rigs and don't bother with other DAW's. and i won't invest my money in a "better" DAW. then i have the worries of converting the session, etc. so i don't know what experiences other people have outside of the pro tools world.

why doesn't digidesign ever address this issue though? and i'm not talking about latency from a plug-in. it should automatically shift it for you in the same position as the
i never had to worry about a variable that is so crucial, such as that, with tape...if you have a good tape machine with the proper alignment, then what you put in, is exactly what will put out. and it's physically there on the tape! i believe that in 5 years we might have the processing/storage thing figured and we could have better sounding convertors and clocking. But even then, it won't be able to capture the quality of tape. that's it, isn't it? it's the's the texture and depth.

okay i sound like a snob, right? in the end you can get a good mix with whatever tools you have at your disposal. "it doesn't matter how you get there", is the saying...right? the digital revolution has effected (or infected) all forms of art, film, photography,etc. and there's amazing things i've heard and seen. heck, i can get a good mix going if i wanted but we all have our preference. (yes, i have to change my preferences everytime i pull up a new pro tools session).

OK so what are your "workarounds" when you are on protools. IS there anything specific you do to make it work (other than splitting out to a console)?

Do you avoid plugins? Are they any that do something you like?
Do you think the depth/quality of tape is lost in conversion, recording/storage or just in the platform period?