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Dear gear adorers,

I am looking for a good quality audio interface. I don't need that many ins and outs, so an audio interface as the budget Audient serie (iD4/iD14/iD22) would be fine.

Now I am looking for the best quality in conversion and preamp (as far it's possible around $500).
I have read on the internet the whole Audient interface range have the same high-quality preamps as their popular ASP8024 console (a console with a $42000 price tag). I wonder if that's really true, or it's just a part of their marketing. I cannot imagine their interfaces with a $200-500 price tag uses 'exact' the same preamp as the one build in the $42000 console.

Secondly, to what quality standalone preamp (say Crane song, a colored Neve, Universal Audio etc) can we compare the (uncolored) Audient interface preamp?
Is it fair to say that the iD4 preamp is the same quality as a preamp with a 500-1000 (or higher) pricetag? I cannot imagine it's in the same league, but maybe (hopefully) I am wrong...
You might take a minute to consider the smaller units have less pre amps circuits....