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I believe saying something is "the same preamp" doesn't tell all the story. I'm guessing that there will be other things going on in the console that will create a different sound - perhaps transformers or other components that the small interface won't have.

I remember something similar in the world of converters back when Digidesign (Avid) had their 192 range out. A competitor brought out a much cheaper product, claiming to use the same converter chip. It was then refuted by many saying that the actual chip was just one piece of the puzzle in making a quality converter.

But having said that, I'm a recent owner of the iD14 which I'm absolutely loving. The preamps sound fine, though I haven't yet shot them out against anything in a meaningful way. On my small laptop rig, I was coming from a MBox 2, so the bar wasn't very high, but the iD14 has exceeded my expectations.

In fact, a month ago my monitor controller blew its power supply and I ended up actually using the iD14 as my main monitoring station for 2 weeks during the repair. It sounded a little different to me but not "bad" different by any means.