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I'm a fan of your album Skeleton Keys. I guess that your dotcom system was used during composing and recording?
Thank you! The dotcom system was used exclusively for the all the pieces, I built the system to create this kind of music. As I creating the Skeleton keys I would be adding to the system as the album was evolving.

I would bring in a few more modules one week to the next week but never breaking down the main patch. The master clock was from a Korg Electribe was sent to the Moon Midi to Clock 553 for controlling the various sequencers.
Beside the dotcom and the electribe for percussion I used only the Oberheim Xpander for the atmosphere on its All Connected.

The entire Skeleton Keys was recorded as you hear it, live with no overdubs. I would work the pieces up and perform dozens of live takes, then choose the ones that hit the sweet spot.
Samples here:

1) Please tell us which other modular music you find interesting to listen?
Recently listening to Node, Ian Boddy, great stuff. I am am always working on my own music but I take regular road trips. This is where I catch up on new music or listen to my pieces moving across the desert.

2) Which modular brands do you have in your system?
I have a few Eurorack systems that are host to many module makers:
Modcan - (triple VCOs), Intellijel (Sequencer), Toppobrillo, Pittsburgh, Electro–Acoustic Research – great new filter! (Model 41 Steiner filter) MFB, Livewire, 4ms, Doepfer, Synth Tech, Xaoc…

For the MU formate its centered around the core modules, VCO's filters ADSR's, VCA's 960 and 119 Seq, I filled it out with Analog Craftsman 2600 filter, Synth Cube Arp filter
Rob Hordijk dual phaser, SSL quad LFO, VC ADSR and VCO, Oakley quad VCA, Club Of Knobs ASR, Moon, trigger and sequencers - 563, 568, 569.
Also I have a new dot com module on the way which is very powerful, I offered a little feedback on this one as Roger was designing it - The Gate Math, a clock divider, gate generator on steroids, Q173 Gate Math Divider Multiplier module - Analog Modular Synthesizers for Electronic Music by

3) How do you mix modular tracks? Are there any differences with mixing non-modulars synths?
Currently I look to the dotcom modular as a live recording instrument. It begins by building a dynamic patch with lots of performance options. I will send perhaps up to 6 audio outs into the board and continue to eq, process and mix the entire piece as its evolving live. I will record everything to stereo 2 track.
The mixing is bound into the performance, and ultimately shapes the form the piece takes, either spontaneously or working up passages in advance of the performance.

From there, In some cases I continue to build the piece with the live stereo recording as the foundation in multi track mode, adding other synths and parts and build towards a final mix.
The non-modular synth approach is similar as I aim to create midi layered configurations of various synths, perform as much as possible live in the studio and capture this magic in live moments, then build from there.