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i remember doing rough mixes with everything flat, no eq or compression or reverb and thinking how good everything sounded...just like that...raw and gritty sounding.
hi russ,
i'm wondering about reverbs used for general ambience..
were you also in a 2 emt plate (LR) period then? or was that a little later?

and did the rawness of the drums then affect the way the backing vocals were tracked? e.g. more natural room ambience on tape or was that developed more in the mixing stage of the project?

the intimacy on the album is one of the characteristics i like the most even though i must admit i was disappointed when i first heard it and it took me a few months of listening to 'get it'

i had a preconception of what the album 'should have been' or was 'going to be' after brown sugar, i expected state of the art in a shiny polished digital way.. hmmm tutt
in the end the innovation came in other ways..
the tuning and flams of the drums.. the smoky feeling around the horns.. meth and red ad libs on left and right... i could go on...

anyway now it's one of a few albums that i can play from beginning to end without skipping. i learnt a valuable lesson about mixing and recording possibilities and also having expectations. (progress does n't have to come dressed in 1s and 0s)

and thanks for your time and humility.
you appear to be able to see the connections between everyone involved on a project from atrist to assistant to even the a&r and recognise that all have to find and maintain the higher self in order to create and support something of worth.

good luck with everything,

p.s. great hook-up jules, respect to you and your team for the work you do to make this happen