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Now, to answer your question directly - yes, it would be nothing shocking that all the great engineers preferring the Neumann have mistaken a brand name for superior quality. I do not doubt for a moment that if a $300 Rode, AKG or Oktava mic was produced by Neumann as a new $50.000 flagship ldc, many highly respected producers would buy it and praise it for its incredible realism, presence, punch and whatever.

Humans, for the most part, are not rational. We have blinds spots, we get influenced by power, prestige and we have strong confirmation biases.
just give it a brake. you obviously have not worked with the mics you are discrediting here. you also seem to have no idea about neumanns historical importance or the science they created and still do.
this is a place for people who work with the gear - not read about it. not dream about it or being pissed off since they cant afford it. its the high end. get a u87, use it for a year and then come back and complain if it did you wrong.