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Hello Russell,
Thanks for taking the time to talk to us fans!
I'm curious about D'Angelo's new album (James River?) for it's mentioned as an upcoming release in your Discography and there's hardly any word on what to expect (and when to expect it). Could you tell me anything about this project and, more specifically, how you are contributing?
?uestlove mentioned a track on Okayplayer and in interviews named "Died A Thousand Deaths" which is said to be "a psychedelic-soul head trip (...) that comes across as an adventurous combination of Earth, Wind and Fire and The White Album" (c) HARP magazine. Could you tell me more about this song and how you rate it amongst D'Angelo's released work?
Is D'Angelo reinventing himself again for this album, as he did for Voodoo? And how does that translate to your input/output?And finally, will we hear some of this in 2007?
I hope you are willing and able to talk about this. Again, thanks for all the insightful posts/replies.

unfortunately, i can't go into too much detail about the new album. i can however, give you a litle background:

we have been working on it (on and off) since 2002. and i don't have any idea when the exact release date is but hopefully this year, the latest 2008. but it has been in progress (slow as that may be). we were in the studio last november doing some o/d's and rough mixes on about 5 new songs that we could play for the label. but besides that, D has not worked on the album for about 2 years or so. we do have plans to head in the studio in may to finish mixes on some live material from the voodoo tour and that's all i can say about the live stuff for now...sorryheh

i turned him onto hendrix just before we started voodoo (hence the album title) and he just went crazy. it was like a revelation for him. he realized (for the first time) that a lot of his heroes were greatly influenced by hendrix, including prince, sly, george clinton...everyone! and i got him hooked on the beatles as well. so it's opened up a few doors for him.
it will be a different album than voodoo, that much is definite. to me it's leaning more in a rock direction. like funkadelic meets the beatles or something. he hasn't given up his soul roots by any means, but he is growing and exploring a new genre. he's writing quite a bit of music on guitar rather than the keyboard this time as well.

it will have a different sonic quality as well. we'll have to see how it will turn out as the vision has not revealed itself fully yet. his songs are varied and he's gone through much experimentation. my contributions wil be (more than ever) in the old school production techniques and style. but this time it will come from a slightly more rock prespective...slightly. and heavier.

the song you're speaking of is actually called "1000 deaths". and i don't hear the earth, wind, fire influence. it's more like a heavy rock/funk vibe. it would be hard for me to rate as it's every bit of a good D'angelo song than any of his others but it's also different. there's some really nice guitar work from him on that song also.

all the best