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Comparing two mics on one singer means next to nothing. All that means is that for that singer on that day in that studio for that song they sound similar. That's it. I have worked with singers that make a SM57 sound like a U47 because the singer has amazingly even resonance, placement and volume control. I just worked on a record with a singer where it was hard to choose a mic cause anything I put in front of her sounded amazing. Maybe for the singer in the video a NT1-A is just fine.

I own U87s and for a time had NT1-As. The NT1-A was one of the most finicky mics I've ever used, you had to place it "just right" to get it to work and then there were always issues in mixing like harsh highs that pop out on acoustic guitars, crash cymbals and sibilence that rip your head off etc... Sometimes ( and I stress SOMETIMES) I could get it to sound good enough on something, even occasionally great, before opting for another mic. When the creative juices are flowing in the studio, the last thing I want is to have to futz with a mic for 20 minutes. Eventually I stopped using them alogether because I just dreaded it or I just didn't have time for it.

A U87 you can throw up on anything quickly and it's pretty good and very trouble-free at mixdown. The U87, you can put it up on anything anywhere and it works and gives you a very usable track ... sounds warm with EVEN high end on toms, guitar amps, vocals, room mics. The eveness between lows and highs on the U87 is amazing.

Added note: I did however tend to have more luck with the Rodes mics on the old Ampex tube mic pres because they tended to tame and even out the high end.