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I hope you'd take a moment to think about whether you really believe the "You get what you pay for" is a rational adage. I, for one, think it's a lazy rule of thumb.

Is it possible that the Neumann microphones are just good quality microphones, just like many others from Rode, Oktava, AKG etc, and the only real difference is that they have a big name and reputation and so they charge a lot more for their products, hoping (correctly) that the buyers will be impressed by the high price and think they are getting a superior value for their investment?

Having a basic understanding of human nature and knowing how business and marketing usually work, I expect this to be the case. If this perspective is skewed, then I'd really want to know why so I can learn something new.
Yes your perspective is skewed and if you "really want to know why and learn then :

Perhaps you might take a minute to ponder why an adage becomes an adage.(you might also take a moment to look up the actual definition)
You really (honestly ) believe this became an adage, yet it is not generally true and reasonable ??

If you do, then you should take a minute and introspectively consider what is actually going on . You would likely find (if you are actually able to honest with yourself) you are emotionally attached to the notion that you do not wish it to true in this case. Thus you have concocted the idea it is "a lazy rule of thumb" Which allows you the ignore the the fact that yes in reality , it is a perfectly reasonable and generally true adage. And more than likely applies in this case also.

You might also stop and consider how arrogant and misinformed your assumption is that buyers of Neumann mics do so merely because of slick marketing based reputation. And speaking of reputation perhaps your not old enough, or are old enough but simply lack the audio experience to know how Neumann actually got the reputation they have in the first place .
If you were actually knowledgeable in the history of Neumann you would realize it's reputation was not from marketing. Because in point of fact the marketing came out of (and after) the reputation.... not the other way around that you appear to have deluded yourself into believing .

Are you really so self delusional as to believe that all of the highly successful engineers, artists, and producers that choose to use a Neumann are doing so because they have fallen prey to slick marketing ? And that they should instead , heed the omnipotent words of Vesta, and just use a Rhodes with an EQ dip.
Really ???? You actually believe this nonsense ? If so then trust me , it is not I , that desperately needs to stop and re think. Perhaps your attachment to your self anointed "knowledge" of marketing, human nature and audio ... is simply indicative of that level of experience that is beyond that of a beginner but still falls into the category of "knowing just enough to be dangerous to themselves" and prevents your having the understanding, knowledge, and wisdom, as to why high end gear actually has the "reputation" it does, and why it is used by those who do .

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