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By your logic, if a more expensive mic and a cheap mic are "extremely hard, if ever possible, to tell apart," — that makes expensive mics "overpriced."

Overpriced only means that a specific product is priced higher. A $5K U87Ai would be "overpriced." A $3K U87Ai is a fair market price. "Expensive" is relative.
You're presenting my point clearly enough. But let me restate it and I hope you can tell me why exactly it's wrong.

Now, I do say, if we have an expensive microphone which performs no better or worse than dozens of other microphones made by other manufacturers at over 10 times less the cost, then I call that an "overpriced" microphone. And with this judgement, I will decide if it is worth buying that gear or not.

Are you saying the word "overpriced" can't be used here accurately?

You, of course, wrote a lot more, and on some of it we're in agreement. But for the same of brevity, let's focus our attention on our disagreement and get to the bottom of it. If I can see why I'm wrong, I will honestly be happy to admit it and will thank you.