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All right, let's understand something in rational way, with as little emotion as possible. (I understand some people must really love their Neumann mics.)

We have two mics on the table. One is over ten times more expensive than the other. But when we record the same source and drag and drop a very simple high frequency eq dip into the file of the cheaper mic, the two files become extremely hard, if ever possible, to tell apart.

If this is correct -- and I have seen sufficient evidence that it is -- then, by perfect logic, the expensive microphone is overpriced and hardly necessary for most working musicians or engineers to even consider as an option. Unless the convenience of not having to make that extra eq move is worth it to them...

P.S. Couldn't find the thread, unfortunately. Apparently it's been deleted. Anyone owning the two mics can recreate that with the NT1-A. You'll be in for a shock.
Good idea in rational, common sense, logical terms then, if you EQ one you are no longer comparing the mics .. Forget the emotional allure of attempting to rationalize and justify getting by for less, spending much less and getting the same performance, "if you just inject this or that variable" . The emotional pull of beating the odds and ignoring the rational adage "You get what you pay for " and desperately hoping in this case it somehow magically doesn't apply, is strong but usually wrong.

If that is what you desire to do then by all means do so. No one is saying you can't get decent sounds that way. And of course no one but you can decide if you will be satisfied with the results.......But quit trying to justify it with comparing an apple to an apple+a lime, in plain old common sense it is simply not a valid comparison.

And BTW I do not own any Neumann mics, for my use I personally don't particularly care for the sound compared to some alternatives. But I reached that conclusion based on comparing them un processed. Attempting to dismiss as emotional, disagreement with your skewed personal perspective is hypocrisy at it's finest.