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I always wonder, how can cheap mics be so popular. After recording some native english and american I know... I'm from Poland, and maybe some of you know, polish language has mane shsh cshcsh fff and other "swishy" sounds. There is no way to record polish VO or vocal with cheap mic - sibilants are distorted and "homogenized" making it sounds bad and lisp. So - maybe cheap mic can, in special cases, sound similiar after subtle treating, but it cannot deal with sibilants at all. If you can live with it, you are happy
I think this is something very common with Rode mics. They initially sound bright and crisp, but the harshness/nastiness in high frequency start to appear after a couple of listen back. It's not easy to tame with EQ or de-esser and quite different from other bright mics such as AKG C451 or Oktava mics. These sound bright but no as harsh.