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This test here can show you what I mean when I say "like a record" - NT1-A is ok on her very beautiful voice, she could sing into anything and sound OK, but it doesn't have any "charm" in midrange, even that simple AKG C214 has nice enough balance that it sounds "like a record"... If you don't hear it yet - that subtle difference that will make your final product more "fancy" without anything you need to do - just having a better source to work with, you should train you perception more...

And here - he sounds good on aynthing - but SM7 is just more "a record":

Again - on some sources NT1-A can be completely cool and OK, but overall, don't make judgement only on some superficial test and one voice... And especially when it comes to complex and really good singers - you will hear a lot of nuances between the mics... and on instruments too...