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Question Gear chasing vs. Developing the skill

I dont know if you can answer this from the prospective of someone like myself because you have said in other threads that strictly ITB cant compare. Which is what i am restricted to right now. I have midi keyboard and turntables and mixer, but most everything is composed using Software programs like PROject5, Ableton, etc and VST's. Besides of course vocals which come out of my closet both. I love the entire process composition, mixing, mastering etc..even performing. I study the art and also practice it from a home studio. I A?B my stuff on my monitoring system etc..

However i am torn with how much effort or emphasis i should put on gear vs. just learning techniques and developing the craft. I certainly have everything i need to put out material that although it may not be coming from a big budget studio and analog gear is at least representative of the best you can do ITB. Not saying im the best (obviously) but Im saying that sometimes i say to myself. I am serious about this craft I love it I would love to make money doing it someday. And i often get to telling myself I need pro tools and an MPC blah blah blah...

I guess I dont know how to reconcile my innate passion for mixing,composing, mastering audio with my lack of high end gear considering that fact that if i ever were to be in it as a money making career i would have to be using outboard gear and higher end equipment. DOes that make sense? THanks if you get to answer this. AMybe its tool late April 1st.