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I'm never dead set on one method...
Well…that is sort of the intention of the box. It seems like you can do a lot with it. And it was the designers intention that you might find a "sweet" spot when using it. Much as you would a Microphone or Instrument Preamplifier.

Finding a preference is as easy as deciding how your record should sound on every single track. You know...I typically go for it when in the heat of battle and ask my clients if I can getting the track where they think it should be. No complaints usually. I always use my ears with the program material. All material is different, you simply have to listen and use your intuition and make a final judgment.

Record levels are nothing more than a Math Equation. Provided A) You know how the gear reacts with high levels B) You know what you are doing with the headroom of your system C) Understand just how far you taking signal over 0VU with your analog equipment, and what that sounds like.

Reference to Digital 0dbfs. You have two options.

Less Digital headroom-More input gain // More Digital Headroom-Less Input gain.

The reality of my world, is that different signals require this reference level to move around. Some audio doesn't sound good when pegging 0VU. Some Audio ONLY sounds good at 0VU. Some audio sounds amazing floating just above 0VU. I personally think everything sounds like crap when its overdriven and distorted. But thats just me.