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Hi I've not heard/looked into MADI could you elaborate a little about what I could do with my intended budget please?
MADI is just a digital audio connection like ADAT or SPDIF. It just carries more channels. 64 channels to be exact. It requires external ADDA converters just like ADAT or SPDIF.
Firewire USB PCI-e are computer connections. All audio interfaces/sound cards require on of these connections in order to use Analog, ADAT, SPDIF, MADI or any other digital audio I/O.

If want stable, high quality and low latency for live performance with 6 channels or analog or more then RME is the best choice by far.

If you are not able to afford RME stuff then if you are on a MAC the Steinberg UR44 or UR824 are good options. Supposedly the new Gen 2 Focusrite Scarlett interfaces are working well too.