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It doesn't matter, that you need less than that.. It seems to be strange, but you won't pay more for two preamps.. there are just intended price levels and categories of interfaces.. because most of users find having a mic pre handy, you'll find it at every interface even at lowest price levels.
Interfaces with just multiple line level inputs are typically more expensive, because its design and construction isn't meant for budget home studio, as it's expected that outboard will be used with it.

Anyway.. as you've mentioned live performance, RME immediately popped in my head.. because if you want to route everything through DAW, you likely want quite responsive system with low latency and stability for gigs. So something like UC, UCX will be ideal IMO. Many folks I know really ended there, because of rock-solid stability.
However you won't reach it with your suggested budget, unless you look for used Fireface 400. You have MacBook Pro, which has either Firewire built-in or can be equipped with TB adapter.
That's my primary recommendation for your intended task. Also its TotalMix and standalone mode might be very interesting for use instead of mixer without computer.

As a second one, you might try is the UR44 by Steinberg.. FF400 is still better at almost all parameters, but this one would be new and USB connection makes it compatible with almost anything incl. iPads.

Thanks for the input! I have pre-amps on my studio soundcard so I'm covered for my normal recordings, I just need something for the live setup!
It's either routing the synths back into Ableton or running them to a mixer, not sure what people generally do with a combination of hardware and ITB live sets?
I wanted to route the synths back in for FX purposes but maybe I could just go to a small mixer with some fx sends on it maybe?