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Hi Russ,
I’ve been poking around Gearslutz for a while now and was completely surprised to see your Q&A. I’m pleased to discover you receiving the recognition you deserve.
One post that really stuck out for me was Rob Darling’s comment: “If you all want any hint of how to get that sound, learn how to get along with musicians and make sure the studio is completely cool the entire time everyone is there.” I immediately thought to myself “yes, this person definitely worked with Russ.”
In my experience, “the environment” began with you, and, as Rob pointed out (and you demonstrated), cool does make cool. Observing your way with artists always challenged me to relate to others better (and to cultivate more humility). You certainly have a gift in that department -- and many others.
Just wanted to say “hi.” Hope you are well, Tyler
hey Tyler!

nice to hear from you! where have you been???
thanks so much for the compliment and keen observation!
i hope you too are well. you should call me and we can get caught up!

all the best