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Old 1st April 2007
my mixing...


this has been a fun experience so far, and want to thank you all...!

i wanted to start this thread to talk about some concepts i have about mixing. my only rule is "there are no rules".
it's been tricky to answer a question dealing with "what did you use on that" or "how did you get your bottom?" because for me, exceptions are always present. i don't like to be formulaic when i'm working, so i try to not stick to a pattern when i work. (eg: for bass, i've used an la2a, 1176, 670, f760, gates, and many more.) i like being spontaneous and try different things and so i don't always put the same compressor or eq on the same instrument every time. sure i love neve eq's on drums, but i don't always do that. i try and change things around as a rule.

the formula is no formula:
one should learn to be effecient and develop a work flow that's both productive and creative. it's a tough position to be in the engineer/producer seat because you can't rush creativitly, yet you still have deadlines and budgets. of course if something works for you, use it but don't rely on it every time. challenge yourself and that's how you get better. so i'm constantly trying new things and that's part of the reason i collect esoteric equipment. i've developed a way that works for me where i organize things so i can flow but i don't have standard settings or gear that i only use for this or that. it's more like, maybe i should try the gates on the kick drum this time.

analog talk on my next post in this thread. please feel free to ask questions...