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It really depends on what you're working with. I used to have a 500 Series lunchbox with Chandler Little Devil Preamps and EQs feeding an Xpressor for a stereo front end along with a Culture Vulture. I still have a UA LA-610 MKII for my actual mic and for tracking guitar. It turned out that my $7000 front end was basically superfluous on my nice synths and that I only really wanted to use them on sources that I hated -- namely my Machinedrum (which was awesome in terms of flexability, but I hated the tone). It added some marginal interest to my more "digital" sounding synths like the Nord G2 or Microwave XT, but nothing worth the cost (that wasn't easily approximated via plugins or pedals).

Honestly, a good drive pedal -- or a Moogerfooger basically bypassed but with the input drive stage engaged -- is a much better choice for adding tone than a high-end preamp. Or a Chandler Boost pedal. Or a Sherman. Or a Geiger Counter. Or a million other things than a F-ing Class A preamp that costs a million dollars for a 2% increase in tone.

I don't know what the OP has, but I'm basically certain that they'd be better off buying $3K in pedals, Eventide, or new synths than buying high-end preamps.

i'd like to second that the moogerfoogers really have a nice drive to it. i love to distort drums with my moogerfoogers. kinda similar to the cheap roland km-60 & co