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Preamps for synths are so overrated it's not even funny.

The Rooster is an excellent front end for synths, but that's because it's stereo, designed to saturate, has decent tone sculpting capabilities, and is full of tubes in every stage.

Preamps in general are a giant unnecessary waste of money when it comes to recording synths. If your synth needs to be run through $5000 worth of tubes and transformers to sound good, you should sell it and buy another synth. And if you have a synth that sounds good at the start, running it through $5000 worth of tubes and transformers will just make it sound different, not necessarily better.
I totally disagree or maybe i should say i agree in the sense that a great pre-amp is not exactly "necessary" to record a quality synth but the difference can be quite dramatic. For years i recorded without pre-amps and made fine music but but once i graduated to getting a quality pre- the sonic difference is really big once you know what your doing.