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I'm sure Sound Anchors makes good products but to think you can't DIY or have the local Steel fab / Welding shop make something similar for less money seems far fetched (unbelievable in my mind, at least here in the USA).
Put it all in a spreadsheet. Factor in shipping costs/travel time/labor costs (unless your time is "free" -- ie you couldn't make money with that same amount of time or the cost of who is doing the work.) Factor in that the adjustable stand has more parts than you've mentioned and the base is more than a flat plate.

Raw materials are rarely the expensive part and it all looks cheap until you start actually getting real prices including everything. Time, labor, equipment, and mistakes are the expensive part. If it takes more than 4-6 hours to build 2 stands completely, it's already a losing situation from my POV. That's the problem with small scale production in that you can't distribute the costs over quantity.

Maybe in your part of the US things are cheaper. In LA, I had to buy some cold rolled steel plate for fabricating a mounting plate and, checking the 3 largest suppliers in the LA/OC area, the cheapest plate was $45 and I spent 2 hours driving. My machinist is $80/hour. Taking the ADJ2 at $670/pair retail (you can get it cheaper from any dealer who has a professional accounts dept), it's cheaper and less of a headache to order from Sound Anchor. The bonus is that if there is anything wrong, I don't eat the costs -- that becomes their issue.

And yes, a fixed stand of poured concrete is a cheap way to go if you don't have any other requirements for the stand. I've done that too.