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I've had 10 pairs ordered from Sound Anchor over the last 11 years (mostly ADJ2, but a trio motorized, and now another ADMID.) My current home set are a little over 200 lbs each -- 150 lbs steel and 50+ lbs sand per stand.
Needless to say they don't get moved much. (That weight plus the speakers they'll hold puts them at around 500 lbs a stand)
The ADMID are always a bit custom but I've also had most of the ADJ2 models customized whether the top plate cut a different dimension or the post height or even the base to fit a tight space. Bob/Sound Anchor have been great about making things work (even though it feels like forever to receive them.)
And trust me, unless you're a metal worker yourself or in your family, the prices are reasonable in the US. Doing small manufacturing runs to make stands is expensive if they are designed like the Sound Anchors. I've checked with my machinist and there wasn't a way to get within 150% of the price of the Sound Anchors doing a custom job from scratch. The quantity of scale just balloons the cost. We decided that it'd be better for Sound Anchor to do the initial stands and if I needed more modifications, my machinist would take care of it.