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Originally Posted by Aumumano View Post
Yep, i guess that for mixing and engineering credits its not the more reliable one.
But a lot of records also dont have the whole credits inside, so maybe even them
dont know!
Story of my life! HaHa! Seriously though, the way charting records are made these days, there are dozens of people not getting their deserved credit. It's a shame that our standard of competency is based on a website that posts half azzed credits!
Remember to get something in writing if you have to get a P.O. for the project! Trust me, that alone has helped more than anything else. but don't think that's all it takes a completely new thread to discuss our bizz and our attempts to get what WE think we deserve compared to what everyone else thinks. You MUST pay your dues! Sadly though, you will still get screwed over!
Good luck everyone!
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