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Old 30th March 2007
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D'Angelo's upcoming release

Hello Russell,

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us fans!

I'm curious about D'Angelo's new album (James River?) for it's mentioned as an upcoming release in your Discography and there's hardly any word on what to expect (and when to expect it). Could you tell me anything about this project and, more specifically, how you are contributing?

?uestlove mentioned a track on Okayplayer and in interviews named "Died A Thousand Deaths" which is said to be "a psychedelic-soul head trip (...) that comes across as an adventurous combination of Earth, Wind and Fire and The White Album" (c) HARP magazine. Could you tell me more about this song and how you rate it amongst D'Angelo's released work?

Is D'Angelo reinventing himself again for this album, as he did for Voodoo? And how does that translate to your input/output?

And finally, will we hear some of this in 2007?

I hope you are willing and able to talk about this. Again, thanks for all the insightful posts/replies.