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I have always wanted to try running audio through different gasses, and record how each gas affects the sound. This would require a pressurized chamber and probably some good fire suppression because there are some gasses that may ignite.

I've had this idea ever since I was a kid, pondering over the affect of helium on a human voice. When you breathe in helium, say, from a balloon, and talk, you sound like a chipmunk. So I asked my teachers: does the helium cause the constriction of the vocal chords, or is it the effect of sound going through thinner air that causes the voice to change? (yeah, I was a weird kid)

I'd like to try sound experiments with helium. I'd also like to try neon, and would use a glass chamber or tube for that, because I believe some high frequencies might light up! Anyone who has similar interests in experimenting with sound and gas please write me. Especially if they have access to a facility with a pressurized chamber.
I feel like I heard about this being done? Not that there's a gas chamber we used as a drum room or anything, but that air content, or gas being introduced into a recording environment, was changed and documented, at some point.