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Old 7th August 2016
Snare Reverb

Actually I try to use a natural reverb over anything else, recording drum room tracks with some light compression. Sometimes I will have the drummer play the song without cymbals, or with the cymbals muted by towels, so we can overdub the cymbals later. This allows the room mics to be pushed up higher in the mix because there is no interference from obnoxious open hat or the drummer riding on the crash cymbals. And you can hit the compression harder if you like the pumping effect it has on the drums.

Another way to control cymbal wash in the room mics (post tracking) is to send the snare track out to a PA speaker and record the room back into the session. I go through some techniques of how to do that here:

When natural room is not available, or sounds too small, I will give the snare some extra space with a Bricasti, or a taste of Manny Marroquin's Wave's reverb plug in.