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Old 30th March 2007
Nikka Wha?

Hi Russell,

Nikka Costa's "Everbody..." is one of my favorite and most inspiring albums ever.

I would like to know your thoughts on mixing this album. And if possible, a couple specific areas:

1) Nikka's vocals definitely have a lot of color to them and a lot of harmonic distortion, even on otherwise relatively natural sounding parts. I'm wondering how much of her vocal sound was tracked that way, and how much of it was processing you did during mix time - and in such case, the approach you took to generatic the vocal sound.

2) This album represents some of the best blending of samples/eletronic instruments and retro live instrumentation I've ever heard. The feel is consistent whether computer or live generated. I'm wondering if there are any special insights you might be able to provide with respect to how you treated the two categories of instruments during mixdown to achieve that blend.