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Old 6th August 2016
Today's Secret Sauce

Aaaah, the secret sauce. It changes from time to time, but lately it is this:

A pair of Western Electric 111c passive transformers on the stereo bus ~~~

Slap those suckers across your mix!

A friend named Devin Powers sent me the unit pictured below. He started using passive transformers on his mixes and his idea has caught on with several Los Angeles mixers, including Ross Hogarth. Ross turned me on to the technique while I was doing research for the Recording Unhinged book.

You can find a your own pair on eBay and try this too. The Western Electrics are great, but RCA, Malotke and UTC have made similar transformers. I'm sure there are also European equivalents. These are passive audio transformers that were often used in telephone operations. They are usually wired 1:1 but if you go in the 160 ohm terminals and out the 50 ohm terminals it will give your mix a ballsy saturation that is very exciting. Pumps up the sound of your mix!
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