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That's interesting, ultrasonic sampling. I wonder if anyone has explored infrasonic sampling.

Yes, I got the idea 3 years ago when I did these recordings of the Indiana Bat in the North GA mountains. This sound clip was captured using the Anabat SD2 - Bat Detector - high microphone.

This device allows you to monitor the ultrasonic echolocation calls of bats for species identification and activity measurement.The typical hearing range of this bat is between 20hz - 150Khz. I was amazed at how complex some of these echolocation patterns looked on a sonogram and was even more blown away by how they sounded. This file was outputted from the Anabat software application which takes the bat calls and converts them to wave files. The Anabat software application also converted the calls to a audible human hearing range (20hz-20khz) as most of the bats calls went up into the 150khz range.

I began researching other microphones and came across the Sanken and had to have it, I am going to purchase another one this year so I can do stereo ultrasonic recordings, I have yet to find anything to capture audio in the infrasonic range, a very interesting idea indeed. :-)
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