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With "blends" do you mean like a group? For instance, all background vocals, drums, guitars, etc? Which you'd then put a stereo compressor on? So you'd have a stereo vocal blend, drum blend, guitar blend, etc?
Were these 3 songs initially tracked to tape only? Or did you track everything to tape and protools simultaneously for backup and in case you needed to edit something? Thanks in advance! Anders
hey anders,

i'll take all my background vocals, for example, and group them all to a stereo compressor and eq. and i'll blend the harmonies in that group. mostly, when i group things that will have the same processing on them, it will be of the same instruments. so seperate groups for guitars, vocals, etc. there are times when i will group a bunch of different things together and go for an overall compression or processing.

pro tools was not even an option at all for me when i was tracking, although it was available. so no, we didn't have pro tools running simultaneously with tape. in fact, i didn't even want to see a pro tools rig in my sight. as i've stated, we edited in pro tools as a last resort as we wanted to use the performance of the live take but it was transferred after the fact. everything was recorded to tape initially.

there's a different vibe and intensity in the studio when all you're using is tape. everyone is that much more concentrated as there is no "undo" feature on the tape machine. punching on a track is final, no going back once you've punched onto the track. so you either play it right or risk losing it.