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When I do a snare re-amp, the room mics are placed depending on the size and type of room. Generally I will choose mics and techniques similar to how I would place room mics on the initial recording of a drum kit. A good reference might be the placement and measurements for the Bonham drum sound. Paul Wolff turned me onto this technique. I drew the diagram below for the Recording Unhinged book.

When Matt Wallace first showed me the snare re-amp technique, he had placed the PA speaker and snare in an old echo chamber at Bear West Studios in San Francisco. The chamber was narrow and tall and was painted with a very thick, glossy paint that was acoustically very reflective. I think he had a pair of pencil mics, maybe KM54s, pointed at the snare in an XY position.

I'd like to try doing a snare re-amp in a bright room with an M/S miking technique. I just haven't had the opportunity to try it yet. Because snare re-amping is usually done to repair a problem with the original snare recording, hopefully I won't need to try it. Recording a great live sound in a good room to begin with is always a better option!
that's really cool! are you playing back the full range sound of the existing snare through the speaker and then having that excite a new snare drum? if so, how is the drum placed relative to the speaker? would it be like firing up at the new snare drum? or am I misunderstanding it and you just playing back the old snare into the room and mic'ing the room itself? thx