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Here for the gear

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Thanks a lot.
That's actually what I did, I dig so much Analog Rules and others input from tape techs here in france I came to pretty what you underline.

I really understand how important great cooling is to these machine and I'll see with our tech what we could do with this.
I know a dedicated closet would be great but it won't work with our current room design.

I'll stick to the stock fans for now and will try somehting later, and post the report here.

Let's clean this thing up!!!


After many reasearch and tests (the machine is now perfectly aligned and we already cut a few sessions on!!!!!!) I was not able to find anything concerning CFM and RPM on the original fans.
IMC Magnetics WS2107FL-1009

I wrote to any reseller if they could provide spec from these units, even toCurtis Wright who bougth the company but no news from them.
Even the great Gorski doesn't know. He just says to buy big CFM silent fans but without any start point in terms of value I just don't know what to look at.

If any one of you have any idea of anything that could help it would just be great because I love this machine, but I hate ending a session with headache due to fan noise, and the clients too!