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Originally Posted by jtienhaara View Post
Do you mean as a giant mixing console?

A tape machine is a rather different beast than Harrison Mixbus. Yes, it can record and playback. But those are not its focal points.

If you did mean as a tape machine, then please do expound.
Well both actually.
Some people use a DAW (doesn't matter what program or platform) like a tape machine / console. IOW they hit record and let it go. They aren't playing around with drawing in MIDI notes, looping, cut and pasting to create a song other than the usual picking parts from different takes.

I work like that in fact.
For me, it's easier and faster to just play a part again or overdub a section than to sit with an eraser tool editing out and adjusting things.
For the kind of music I record, old school jazz, pop, Broadway etc this works well. I am usually recording real instruments or VSTi of real instruments.
For something like EDM it probably wouldn't be a good workflow.