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Old 28th July 2016
As new elements of the revamped forum get rolled out for all to see we are gathering criticism and suggestions.

"Just put it back as it was" demands are ignored

but we are listening.

Development goes in phases

Stage 1: Live roll out

Make notes / get feedback / frustration /

Stage 2 Implement fixes / incorporate users suggestions or create new solutions

There is enough work for 10 full time developers but we have 2 working semi part time.

Things take time, often progress seems slow.

Slowly inching forwards

The goal is to have one simple layout - so users will gradually see the legacy "styles" available (see attached) disappear. Visitors using rare browsers, on oddball non standard operating systems may find they have to access the site via a standard computer or a mobile device. We can't continue to support niche systems.

Onwards and upwards!
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