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Hi Nick, thank you for the message here. This is an interesting question in that I find closer ties to the UK experimental electronic music scene then any other scene in the world. I had been influenced early on by the works of Aphex Twin, Black Dog, B12, and Autechre. I was 16 years at the time, and bought the Disjecta ‎– Clean Pit & Lid
record, that had this amazing artwork. The music was dark abstract and minimal. I had not heard music like this before, and wanted to find more. At the time in Atlanta, this type of music wasn't popular actually I found the record in a reject bin at the local record shop I use to go to. I would discover many other Warp releases there, as most of the Atlanta DJ's were only interested in playing the current dance floor hits. I was more interested in learning about these other artists, and this different style of music that wasn't meant for the dance floor.

Another big turning point is when I heard the work of Aphex Twin. I bought a Meat Beat Manifesto MindStream Remixes EP, that had a AFX remix on it. I was completely blown away by this, and knew at this point I wanted to look into making my own electronic music. I had no idea that almost 10 years later that warp records would release my first album. I knew that I wouldn't ever be incredibly big, or make a lot of money doing this kind of music. I choose to make this because it was the most inspiring music I had heard, and something about it spoke to me. I have been tempted a few times to move to Berlin, or Australia but have found Atlanta to have its own sort of charm.

As for how I view my work in relation to the cultural environment at large. I would say that I have just carried on doing what I have done since the beginning. I have seen lots of genres/scenes come and go over the years. You could say that the scene I was involved with had its heyday in the late 90’s with IDM music. Only a handful of those artists are still making music today. I honestly have no idea how I have kept going on for this long. I guess I have just never given up on it, and told myself that I would always be making music no matter what. :-)