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Looks like a DI box will not work, since the signal out of the DI box and into the pedal will be too loud. There's a couple of threads here already that discuss if it will work to use a DI box in reverse as a re-amp. And the answer seems to be no.
This is on page 11 of Radial's manual for the JDI (under 'other uses for your JDI'):
Use the Radial JDI to re-amplify your signal!
Today, a popular studio effect is to record a signal such as guitar, voice or keyboard on a track and then run the pre-recorded track back through a guitar amplifier or effect pedal. This effect is known as reamping or re-amplifying and was started by Les Paul in the 1950’s and was widely used on recordings by the Beatles in the 60’s, and by Steely Dan in the 1970’s.

The Radial JDI can be used ‘backwards’ to convert a low-impedance mic level signal back to a high-impedance guitar signal. Simply connect the output from the recorder to a mixer and the mixer’s output to the JDI’s XLR output using a female-to- female XLR turn-around adaptor. Keep your level down to ensure the signal will not overload the JDI’s transformer. Connect the ‘input’ of the JDI to the input of the guitar amplifier and you are set to go!
I tried it with a JDI and it worked... so I bought a second in order to run stereo busses out to stereo pedals. BTW, I believe this to NOT be the case for 'active' DI boxes.