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... Isn't that "curious"? I agree with the original post, as an artist who has worked alongside engineers in studio for roughly 10 years, it was so OBVIOUS to me that buying Cubase for my basic "Artist" needs, I would need to have the equivalent of "Melodyne" incorporated into the workflow. If you have tight recordings and you're not making electronic music it is literally one of the most BASIC tools a traditional songwriter/recording "Artist" needs. This is one of the main reasons I chose Cubase over other DAW's. I DID do my research, and apparently, I did not do enough. I GET that Steinberg is entitled to charge more for "Pro," for its extra features, but I find it more than "curious" how the draw of this incorporated feature and functionality literally amounts to nothing, unless you pay twice.
Many features which are added in Pro base on license costs they are paying themselves. Also, many artists do NOT need it. Added to that, "Artist" is a tag they gave the entry level version, although it is not just for artists.

As a side note: I don't think many people will take your comments on Steinberg products serious if you use a tag like that, it only shows you are on a mission.