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Old 25th July 2016
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But a real JCM800 doesn't have a clean and lead channel..

As a JCM800 owner and fanatic, so far the closest one Ive heard was Amplitube 4. I own PODFarm as well and the JCM800 model sounds nothing like the real thing (same with the Vox AC30 and blackface Fender models). I really wish Amplitube 4 was out when I wasted my money on a Line6 Toneport interface cause I would've just bought that instead. The model in Amplitube 3 wasnt very 'accurate' either but the one Ive heard in 4 was decent.
You're right, adding features (2chs for JCM800) not in the original hardware is what I dislike of plug-ins in general. Btw I love bx amps sound (MESA & Fender xpecially).