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Old 25th July 2016
Engineering with electronics in the '90s and today

Hello Sylvia, a great honour for me to have chance to ask you a question!

You worked on albums by Powerman 5000 (I literally LOVED "Tonight The Stars Revolt") and Machines of Loving Grace in the '90s, and I remember that the mix of electronic and rock was pretty much an underground thing back then. Or at least it was less popular than today.

Today DAWs and VIs make life easier for a lot of home studio folks (hello :D), but I guess that in the '90s things were pretty different.

How has your approach to engineering changed overtime? And, how has the musicians' approach changed overtime? Not restricted to "electronic rock" bands but also in general, now you might find loops in bands that in the 90s were (or seemed to be) completely electronic-free..

Thank you for your time