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Drawing "Recording Unhinged"

Thank you so much for asking about the book illustrations! I spent many stoned teenage hours enjoying "Zippy The Pinhead" and "Fat Freddy's Cat" by Gilbert Sheldon... and R. Crumb, well that guy is a frickin' hero to me. And I'll always be fascinated with the imagination of Dr.Seuss.

My partner and I, Chris Johnson, are both Trailer Park Boys fans. TPB is a silly "docu-drama" on Netflix about a bumbling trio of Canadian mis-fit stoners. Chris and I decided to make a fan poster in the style of "Where's Waldo" to send to the show, just for fun. It came out so good that it empowered me to try other things.

I start with a pencil on paper, the old fashioned way, inking in the image with sharpies after I get it laid out. After erasing all the pencil hatch, Chris scans it and colors it in Photoshop. The world of computer art is new to me so the "analog/digital" hybrid is my way of operating for now. Spending more time illustrating now than I have for the last 25 years has made me the happiest I've ever been.

It was here on my first Gearslutz Q+A that I started drawing diagrams in the cartoonish style. This directly led to several of the images in the Recording Unhinged book. In the book, Chris and I worked together on most of the concepts, gags and "easter eggs" that you'll see in the more detailed panels.

Stay tuned for several other art projects we are working on, spawned from the Recording Unhinged book, which may include trading cards, coloring books and hopefully Recording Unhinged Part II. I'm also working on a separate series of illustrated portrait galleries, including "Great Inventors", Great Scientists" and "Great Industrialists." These are more serious projects, because I want to give school kids something fun to learn with.
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