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Hi Brandon thanks for the message here. I never really start out things the same way every time. Sometimes I start out with a simple melody or a rhythmic pattern. Sometimes I have an idea in my head of something to try and on a small chance I might get something close and other times I completely go off tangent and create something that was completely opposite of what I was trying to make.

Lately I have been composing on the Modular synthesizer, which is like starting with a blank page every time. I like that you have to build from nothing, and that nothing is setup for you. You have to patch each voice and decide what each voice will do in the piece. There are so many variables that you will never do the exact same thing twice. There are no presets or recalling of settings so once you pull the patch everything is gone. I love this approach in that it encourages me to experiment and try new things and feel no pressure to save something and try to work it into something that might never work. With this approach I try to get something happening within a matter of minutes. If its not working then I just pull everything and start again.

The entire process for me is really interesting in that you can patch something hundreds of different ways, and get entirely different outcomes. So there is a bit of thrill and excitement for me that happens when I sit down to my system. As for writing its been a really great tool, and I have been focusing more on the musical ideas, rather then what I am seeing on a computer screen. For me getting away from the computer lately has been great because I feel that sometimes you can get caught repeating certain things, and doing things based on what you see on the screen and not paying attention to what your listening too. Its a bit deceiving at times, when you look at a time line and go I should put something there at this break or measure. I feel working this way has hurt me a bit creatively in that I fall into the same habits. I also start songs on the computer only to think that I can finish them up later, so I save them often never finishing them because I know I can revisit them at any time. I think the computer is an extremely powerful instrument yet it can also make you extremely lazy in other areas. So I have been trying to not use the computer at all for my own musical creations lately.

As for other things that kill the creative process is distractions, that break my flow of concentration throughout the day. I try to limit my online social media time to in the morning and late at night. Focusing just on sound design and music during the day. :-)
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