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Old 18th July 2016
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Guitars and distortion tones

Hi Sylvia!

First, many thanks for doing this! I love your work, your creative approach and your evil sense of humour!

My question is about getting great guitar tones on studio. More specifically distorted rythmic tones... Some doubts:

-Generally, do you prefer use pedals paired with semi driven amps to get your distorted tones or do you prefer use just a fully cranked amp without anything else?

-In case of use pedals, wich ones for what task? (overdrive, fuzz etc...) I've read on the Q&A that you used a TS-9 and JCM 800 with SOAD. What's exactly the role of the overdrive pedal in that kind of rig?

-I've read somewhere sometimes you split the guitar into two amps... it's a fairly standard approach used sucessfully by many producers but i always found tricky adjust all the stuff (two cabinets, etc...) in phase. Any advice?

-And finally i'm curious about what are your all time favourite amps.