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Old 17th July 2016
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Trashcan Mac Pro design is fine. It's tiny for a thing of that power, it makes hardly any noise.

Yes it's expensive and yes, hard disk storage has to be external. So what? Buy Thunderbolt. You're loaded if you can afford a Mac Pro anyway, so cough up the cash for Thunderbolt.

If your budget can't stretch to the Mac Pro, just get an iMac. They're still pretty damn fast. Mine is a 2014 Retina model, with a 4790K running at 4GHz. 32GB ram. No processing problems at all.

What I want from a new one -

Latest Broadwell-E Xeon processors. 16 cores in one chip.
Upgraded GPUs. I presume they will stick with AMD, so will have to wait for new Fire Pros.

2TB-4TB SSD storage option. Can't emphasise this enough. 1TB is not a huge amount any more, even for an SSD. This is a pro machine.

I have a 12TB storage array connected to my iMac via Thunderbolt. Raid 0 with 2x WD Red drives. Gets about 275MB/sec. That's good, but you still need internal storage.

A PC workstation I've just been using has dual 14-core Broadwell-E Xeon CPUs. 128GB of ram and a Quadro M6000. 1TB of ram is offered as an upgrade.