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Hi lovely people,

this is my first post and pretty new to on-line forums. My friends and I are going to build a music production studio soon. The research we did pointed out that it is a good idea to have angled walls in the correct ratio instead of having parallel walls to get the best sound proofing and acoustic experience in the studio. Since we are new to this subject we are confused on creating the basic design of our studio. The room that we are going to build our studio is 18ft Long, 12 ft Wide and 9ft high. At the moment we have decided to 11ft*12ft partition for the control room and 7ft*12ft(rest) for the recoding cubical . Can someone help us to design our studio to get the optimal output. Hope you guys can help us succeed with our studio project. Your advices and expertise ideas will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Here I have shared the draw of the current idea. feel free to add your ideas. Cheers !!
NOT a good idea to:

1. Angle walls at a 'ratio'?? Can't be done.
2. Design a studio by forum or committee.

A rectangular cuboid is the ONLY way to ensure that things work BEFORE you build it. Anything else is a 'Box of Chocolates'. Then, you have go 'fix' things that are f'k'd up after you build it... And it's NEVER as right as it could have been if you'd done your homework before you picked up the hammer.

Conclusion: If you are building your own home studio and it's going to cost more that $10k, HIRE a recognized designer. If you're just playing with your bedroom or living room, etc., knock yourself out! I have a great many articles on my resources page for you guys. Download everything.

All the best.