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Another example would be the licensed machines that PowerComputing made in the mid 90's… Apple licensed the ability to sell machines running their OS (it was back in OS7/8/9 days…. And they were a pretty good value.
PowerComputer made amazing computers at an incredible rate of innovation. It seemed like each monthly issue of MacWorld or Mac User, had ads for new and faster... to the point that Apple pulled the plug on their license. (I have a low profile PowerCenter 150 updated with an XLR8 350MHz G3 processor which was exciting at that time. Still works. Pretty cool to see Cubase VST 4 come to life now and then.)

I think Apple should do itself and users a favor and let 3rd party computer makers build to-spec systems to run OSX. Isn't it weird that Apple is cranking out ever-new versions of OSX, but the computer offereings, which elegant, pale in comparison to what's available in the PC world. For crying out loud, people build their own kick-ass computers to run Windows. Incompatibility of components can, I'm sure, result in a brain meltdown, but if one knows what they're doing, then a relatively small cost yields a dream machine. Make no mistake, I'm envious of PC users right now. static and a low-to-high frequency filter sweep fades in...